Lloyd's Barbershop

12 / 17 / 2020

Lloyd Mitchell opened the doors to Lloyd’s barbershop in 1979 and it’s become a staple of Toronto’s Bloor-Bathurst neighborhood ever since. The shop quickly became the go-to spot and a cultural hub for Toronto’s fast-growing Caribbean community. Lenox Mitchell, Lloyd’s son, came into the family business in 1989 after immigrating from Jamaica in 1986.

After his father’s passing in 2015 it was important for him to keep the business going. If you go in today you are greeted by Lenox, whose chair is right at the front. You immediately sense the family orientated vibe. Even though the area and it’s caribbean community has dispersed, Lenox and his crew of barbers have loyal customers who still come from all over the city to get their haircut and enjoy a nice conversation.

To celebrate the institution, Stüssy created a limited run zine and t-shirt, available exclusively at Stussy Toronto and Lloyd’s Barbershop.

Editorial from the latest issue of Bully Magazine.

Lloyd's Barbershop 1
Lloyd's Barbershop 2
Lloyd's Barbershop 3
Lloyd's Barbershop 4
Lloyd's Barbershop 5
Lloyd's Barbershop 6
Lloyd's Barbershop 7
Lloyd's Barbershop 8
Lloyd's Barbershop 10
Lloyd's Barbershop 11
Lloyd's Barbershop 12
Art Direction: Hugo Mendoza
Photography: Jorian Charlton
Photography Assistant: Roya Del Sol
Stylist: Bobby Bowen
Stylist Assistant: Summer Ruddock
Models: Lenox Mitchell, Leneil Mitchell, Baldon Mitchell, Fitzroy “Junior” Burton
Special Thanks: In Vintage We Trust. In collaboration with Bully Magazine.
T-shirt Design: Moya Garrison-Msingwana


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