Stüssy x Baracuta

Founded in 1937, English rainwear producer Baracuta was first established in Manchester before designing the iconic G9 Harrington. Since its introduction, the G9 been the choice of a variety of notable individuals over decades, continents and aesthetics. From Hollywood actors and musicians, to Mods and sportsmen, rarely has a garment been able to traverse such era's and cultures over such a long period of time – a testament to the jacket's classic sensibility. This fall Stussy worked with Baracuta to reinterpret the G9 Jacket and Bucket hat for Holiday 2014. The Stussy G9 Jacket and Bucket hat feature a Blackwatch tartan, introduced by the United Kingdom in the 1700s. The jacket features a full zip front, double button fastening collar, and a ribbed waist and cuff, and is made in Baracuta's UK factory.

The Stussy Baracuta Jacket and Bucket are available now Stussy Chapter Stores and

Photography and Styling: Tom Guinness
Model: Troy Stilwell